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Blue Justice, Illona Haus


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"[Haus] shows a veteran's skill."  

--Baltimore Sun

Blue Justice, Author Illona Haus

Fiction-Suspense | Pocket Star | Paperback Original
25 Sept 2007 | ISBN 0-7434-5810-9

Get ready for the darkest and most
riveting Delaney novel yet...

In the heart-stopping third installment of the Delaney series, Kay and her partner Finn are faced with a terrifying case that hits far too close to home: the abduction of a young detective by what appears to be a serial rapist. With little to go on, their full-out investigation leads them down a horrifying path that uncovers twenty years of brutal rapes, torture and murders. And as the clock ticks on their fellow officerís life, their hunt takes them from the seedy streets of Baltimore to the deep backwoods of the Catoctin Mountains, directly into the clutches of a sadistic killer who defies everything Kay thought she knew about the most twisted side of human nature.

A word from the author:

Besides the wearisome question: "where do you get your ideas?" I am often asked by readers how I come up with the twisted criminal minds in my books. Mostly, these villainous creations come from my intense interest in psycho-pathology and sexual homicide. But in developing the third book of the Kay Delaney series, I wanted to create an adversary unlike any that Kay and Finn had yet encountered, so I turned to an even closer source of inspiration than the textbooks lining my shelves. With my peculiar connections to, and inside-knowledge of, Baltimore serial killer Joe Metheny, the dark, opportunistic heart of Blue Justiceís Daryl Eugene Wardell was born.

Added to the influence of Metheny was a March 2002 news clipping about Canadian serial killer Robert Pickton. With extreme restrictions on the Canadian media, I know very little about Pickton or his trial which is only just beginning as Blue Justice sits, completed, on my editorís desk. I have actually read nothing on Pickton, and any similarities to the real case are purely coincidental.

(August 2007)

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"In the tradition of Michael Connelly and others, Illona Haus has given us an excellent story and another voice to listen for in this genre."

-- Tom Mayes, ILoveaMystery

"Serial killers may be cliche, but Haus works her psycho for all he's worth, and Delaney and Finnerty are a terrific pair."

-- The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

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